Finnish Expatriate Parliament

The regions of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) is divided into seven geographical regions. In addition, Swedish-speaking Finns form a region of their own. Each region has its own FEP representative. The regions have their own home pages, where you can find information about the regions' activities (see left here). The eight regional representatives of your regions are pleased to tell more.

The regional FEP representatives are Deputy Speakers of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament who together with the Speaker form the FEP Speakers' Council. You can read more about the work of the Speakers' Council on the Speakers' Council's own page.

Ulkosuomalaisparlamentin alueet

Regional division of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament


Presidium Council 2017-2020. Government Palace 28.9.2017. Foto: Finland Society/Leena Isbom.

Absent: Canada regional representative and depupy, and regional representative of Central Europe. Photo joined by managing director of Finland Society and parliament secretary. New photo will be taken during Spring Meeting 2018.

Puhemiehistö 2015-2017

Speakers' Council 2015-2017. University of Helsinki 22.5.2015. Photo: Finland Society/Leena Isbom.

Speaker, eight Deputy speakers and their personal deputies.

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