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The activities of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament are based on the initiatives made by the Finnish expatriate organizations, and on the resolutions adopted by the Parliament Session. All associations which formally joined FEPs activities are entitled to submit initiatives to the parliament. They are first processed within the parliament's committees and then by the plenary session.

The permanent Committees and Committees set up by the session on need process each submitted motion into a report which must contain a motion for a resolution. It can be a position to a matter or a decision not to take a stance on the matter of the motion. The committees can hear experts at will.

After processing within the Committee, the Committee passes the motions for resolutions over to the plenary session where they are either adopted or rejected.

The adopted Resolutions are presented to the Finnish Prime Minister whose office shares them with the Finnish Government. Ministries give their statements on the resolutions. The Resolution summary can also be sent to other parties mentioned by a resolution, with a request for a statement, or for information. The Resolutions form the foundation for the interest promoting work of the FEP Speakers and the Finland Society.

According to the FEP by-laws, the initiatives have to be submitted no later than three (3)months before the Session takes place.

Initiatives are welcomed well in advance of that deadline because that allows the secretariat that is Finland Society staff, the parliament secretary included, to better work in researching and preparing the initiatives for the Committee work at the Sessions. It is advantageous to the organisation submitting an initiative to take contact with its regional FEP representative (Deputy Speaker of Presidium) who are very experienced. On occasion the initiatives are worked out together within the Regional meetings.

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