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Resolutions 2002

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament assembled for its third plenary session at Helsinki’s House of Nobility (Ritarihuone) on Nov. 18–19, 2002. At the same time, the Finland Society, which serves as the Expatriate Parliament’s Secretariat, celebrated its 75th anniversary. By the autumn of 2002, the Expatriate Parliament’s rules had been ratified by 400 expatriate Finnish communities in 30 countries. The Expatriate Parliament’s three plenary sessions have drawn up 204 resolutions.

Before the third plenary session, the Expatriate Finnish communities submitted 75 initiatives for consideration. The Secretariat consolidated initiatives with similar aims so the Parliament had 72 proposals to discuss.
These initiatives were considered by the Parliament’s nine permanent committees as well as one additional one, which discussed initiatives on political and official matters.

Expatriate Parliamentary representatives on the committees drew up proposed resolutions based on the proposals. These initiatives were finally debated in the Parliament’s plenary session, where each representative had the right to vote to approve or reject the resolutions.

The Expatriate Parliament’s resolutions include mandates to the Parliamentary Speakers and Secretariat, requests aimed at the expatriate Finnish communities themselves, as well as appeals to the Finnish government and to other bodies working on behalf of expatriate Finns. The task of the Parliamentary Speakers, together with Secretariat, is to carry out the work to further interests of expatriate Finns as outlined in the resolutions, in good cooperation with the government of Finland and other cooperative partners.

These web pages include the 72 resolutions considered by the Parliamentary session, along with background explanations. The background explanations have been drawn up by staff of the Finland Society.

You can also order the 2002 Session resolutions in printed form from the Secretariat:

Resolutions on Educational and Training Issues

Resolutions on Youth Issues

Resolutions on Cultural Issues

Resolutions on Cultural Issues

Resolutions on Statutory Issues

Resolutions on Senior Issues

Resolutions on Financial Issues

Resolutions on Citizenship Issues

Resolutions on Informational Issues

resolutions on Political and Official Issues

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