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FEP Handbook

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament's By-Laws and Standing Order are the official documents on which the activity of the FEP is based. Furthermore, the FEP Handbook gives practical and advisory guidelines to the organisations participating in the FEP.

Veli J. Ylänkö, longtime Vice Speaker for Canada, wrote the first version in 2002. The handbook was updated after the 6th session in 2010, and in January 2013. The latest update contains the decisions of the 8th session in 2015 and regional operating policies as attachments. It is dated September 2016. This latest version is available below in European paper size.

The FEP Handbook is only available in Finnish.

Ulkosuomalaisparlamentin käsikirja (syyskuu 2016): USP_kasikirja_2016

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